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Dear Friends,

As it is well known to everybody that an association of TTAs of BSNL (SNATTA) has already been formed on 8th oct2006. Now it is the high time to understand that we should contribute may be a little bit of effort towards the success of the association and help carving a way for a better future for TTAs in BSNL. 

  1. All active members are requested to form their circle and district executive committee (if not formed already):  Agenda is given in our website, pl follow the steps given there.

  2. EVERY TTA SHOULD FILL UP THE REGISTRATION FORM- The registration form is being attached on our this website. The filled forms should be collected at the SSA level and finally it is to be submitted to their Circle Secretary for the record. The district representatives may keep the photocopy of the filled forms with him. This step is very important because it is only physical proof that we are united. It is also requested to submit the reg. Fee Rs.50/- to CHQ as per the procedure given in the detail in FUNDING on our website.

  3. Include any promoted TTA if they are genuinely interested on their own.

  4. Regularize the monthly meeting at SSA level.

All TTAs may give feedback for the welfare of TTAs. We assure you that we will do our best for the welfare of all our TTA friends. One more thing we must clarify to all our friends that we have formed this association to mainly solve our national level problems. We need to change our attitude little bit for the growth of SNATTA. We expect everything to get done by our CWC leaders but are not ready to contribute in a positive manner. Mere expectation does not work.

Every member can convey his problems through proper channel i.e first of all to District Executive Committee and thereafter to Circle Executive Committee. They should not convey all the problems directly to our GS. They may convey their problems to their concerned Central Coordinator to raise the demand at national level. Our members can also raise the issue of non-functioning of District/ Circle Executive Committee to their concerned Central Coordinator. Pl. click here for the list of Central Coordinators.

Remember that Unity is our strength. Your moral support is always needed.

It should understand properly that our future is not as bright as we think because management is not ready to promote us in near future. We should be ready for struggle


Chandan Kumar Samal

President SNATTA


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