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A latter to Mr. Abhimanyu


Mr. Abhimanyu,



No. : SNATTA/Staff/ TTA/ BSNLEUCHQ /01 dated at Rajkot the 05/01/2009


Sub: Representation for the demands of DR-TTAs.


            Starting with all the best for the upcoming verification. We extend our support to BSNLEU and hereby want to put our burning issues before you and expect your king favor.

Ever since our union was recognized as the official union four years ago, there was a negligence and indifference attitude from the union towards BSNL recruited TTAs.

It is very much clear that everyone know these facts and even you would be aware by same.

Almost 99% of the BSNL recruited TTAs are members of SNATTA which has supported BSNLEU since last four years. Even then the union is avoiding and neglecting us. We are representing major issues of TTAs to which appropriate solutions must be found.


1.      Promotion to the next cadre.


A JTO can appear for the SDE competitive exam after 3 years of service. Likewise, TMs and Sr. TOAs can appear for the competitive exam after completing 5 years of service in Group C. But a TTA can appear for the JTO competitive exam only after the completion of 10 years of service. The BSNLEU boasts of achieving more than a hundred things in the last four years when they were in power. Why did they fail in reducing the number of years of service for TTAs for the next promotion exam? It  should  have been brought down to 3 years or at least 5 years. Those JTOs who came into service after us got their promotion exam. The TMs and Sr. TOAs also got two opportunities to write departmental promotion tests. There were even a supplementary exam for those who did not have the minimum required qualifications. We now fear whether it will be possible to write at least one promotion test in the total span of our career!


2.      Cadre Re-designation


In most central government departments and PSUs, diploma holders are designated as JE. The union has not even considered our request to change the designation of TTA to JE. It was in the last moment that the union placed our request before the NCM due to the relentless efforts of SNATTA. Our union has recommended that the drivers designation should be changed as TTA drivers and that of the cable joiter as TTA cables. BSNLEU is trying to belittle the TTA cadre and is considering the drivers and cable jointers on par with the TTAs. Don’t you know the qualification of TTA, Driver and Cable jointer? Can BSNLEU give any justification for this injustice?


3.      Pay Revision


We are looking forward to the coming pay revision with so many expectations. We suggest that the designation of the TTAs who hold Diploma, M.Sc. Electronics and B.Tech should be changed to “JE” and their salary must be raised and the technicians who are academically less qualified could be retained as TTAs. We strongly tell you that academic qualification of ours (TTAs) does matter and can not be neglected. The pay revision is the right time to rectify the matter.

      Considering the 6th pay commission, the TTA deserves the existing IDA scale of 9850/- (NE-12) which is equivalent to the CDA scale of Rs. 6500/-. We in BSNL should get the benefits at least equal to the Government Departments. We strongly represent our pay revision demands of TTAs.


      Sir, Please pursue the matters affecting the staff, which is sharing the highest workload in BSNL ( As per a survey by IIM, Ahmedabad : A TTA is sharing the maximum workload in BSNL amongst all Gr.D to Gr.A staff of BSNL). Rather we all respects the views of BSNLEU and are in support of the same as BSNLEU is the only union which stands to save the BSNL. The same is our view as we have to spend our lifetime in BSNL.


      Thank you for your attention and hope our issues will be considered and definitely be looked after.

      All the Best again for next VERIFICATION.


Mr.M.G.Vaghela                               Mr.S.R.Solanki

District President                               District secretary

                          SNATTA RAJKOT

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