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Dt 08.09.2009 In the Wage Negotiation meeting held today, BSNL management and the Staff side were adamant of their respective views. On after much deliberations, both agreed to have meeting tomorrow in the presence of 2 members from each side. The 5 years periodicity for the wage agreement may be reached with a rider, ' subject to the financial condition or viability of the BSNL'. Comrade VAN Namboodiri and Comrade R. Venkataraman will attend the meeting from staff side tomorrow.

Shri Dhiraj Chaudhary, Founder G.S., Shri Hakam Singh, C.S. Punjab and Shri Pardip Kumar will meet Dir (HR) along with Comrade VAN Namboodiri for MT RR.

Dt 08.09.2009 Report of the successful 4th Gujarat Circle Conference.



The Circle Conference of SNATTA, GUJARAT was held on 06.09.2009 in Conference Hall of Railwaypura Telephone Exchange, Ahmedabad. Shri. Satya Pal, CGM, Gujarat Circle & Shri. S.K.Bhandari, PGM, Ahmedabad Telecom District was the chief guests. Mr. Datania, D.S., BSNLEU, Ahmedabad was the guest from BSNLEU. All India General Secretary, Shri. Dharmendra Verma was the guest of honour.


The Open house Session was conducted from 10.30 AM. The marvellous job of anchoring was done by Shri Manish Solanki, ACS, Gujarat and Shri Pinakin Mavani, TTA NIB, Rajkot. Shri Dharmendra Verma, G.S. welcomed CGM & PGM with flowers. All the other guests on dais were also welcomed by various members.


The Conference was first addressed by Shri. Sandip Solanki, CC, SNATTA, Gujarat. He shared the information about the SNATTA with the house and stressed the need of respecting the qualified work force of BSNL.  Shri. Bhavin Chudasma, C.S., SNATTA, Gujarat gave the brief of the alliance with the Recognised Union (BSNLEU) to the members.


Shri. H.M. Datania, D.S., BSNLEU, Ahmedabad addressed the conference and appreciated all the members and assured his full co-operation with SNATTA. He expressed his concerns about the losing of market by BSNL due to the lingering problem of ITS absorption.


Shri. Dipak Trivedi, Area Secretary, BSNLEU, Ahmedabad also addressed the conference.


Shri. S.K.Bhandari, PGM, Ahmedabad then addressed the gathering of DRTTAs with the name of “SANCHAR NIGAM ASSOCIATION OF JUNIOR ENGINEERS”. The whole house erupted in claps. He talked about the need of Engineers in the present BSNL and stressed for better future prospects about DRTTAs. He assured to solve each & every problem of DR-TTA in Ahmedabad.


All India G.S. Mr. Dharmedar Verma addressed house with his full conviction style as each and every member of SNATTA was eager to listen to him. He stressed about the need for DRTTAs to shoulder more and more responsibility to achieve BSNL its Vision, Mission and objectives. He explained in detail about the need in change of designation of TTA and better promotion policies for TTAs.


Shri. Satya Pal, CGM, Gujarat then addressed the meeting and appreciated all DR-TTAs. He expressed his view about the expectations of Management from DR-TTAs and clearly mentioned that the maximum amount of work can only be done by DR-TTAs. He assured us to solve any type of problem we face in our working and showed keen interest in fulfilling all our genuine demands. He also addressed us as an Engineer and not TTA. In the presence of over 120 DRTTAs and D.S. BSNLEU, he declared that on the persuasion of our General Secretary he has written letter to CMD, BSNL for promoting all the DRTTAs with engineering degree (BE/BTECH) be promoted to JTO without any examination after fours years of service and for conducting LDCE for M.Sc. and Diploma Engineers after 4 years. After then he compared all the DRTTAs with Arjuna from Mahabharata and asked us to keep focus on the eye of the bird (the mission, vision and objectives of BSNL). He wished us all the luck for our Circle Conference.


Lunch Break: 1.30 PM to 3.30 PM.


Circle Working Committee


Shri Shivnath Mishra, Circle Treasurer, SNATTA, Gujarat, presented the balance sheet to all members and made an appeal for more Funds. Suggestions were asked and taken for improvement in method of collection of funds from members. Shri. Dharmendra Verma, G.S. gave the news about the happenings at national level.


Shri. Sandip Solanki appealed to all the districts to try to deposit maximum funds to Circle, so that more can be deposited in CHQ fund for our Court Case.


Finally, with the permission of all the CWC members of Gujarat the powers of constituting the new Circle Body were given to Shri. Sandip Solanki, CC, SNATTA, Gujarat.


The meeting was concluded by shouting the slogans “SNATTA ZINDABAD “.






The Gujarat Circle Conference of SNATTA will be held on 06.09.2009 in the conference hall of Railwaypura Telephone Exchange Building, Ahmedabad. The meeting will be chaired by the General Secretary Shri Dharmendra Verma. An Open house session will be conducted in the morning from 10.00 am onwards. Shri S.K. Bhandari, PGM, Ahmedabad and Shri A.K. Tripathi GM (O & A), Ahmedabad will be the Chief Guests. The meeting will feature speeches from the Circle Leaders of BSNLEU and SNATTA.


Other Programmes to be followed


  1. Lunch from 13.30 pm.
  2. Welcome to the new DRTTAs.
  3. Circle Executive Committee meeting.


    1. Account statement of the SNATTA, Gujarat Circle will be presented by Shri Shivnath Mishra, Treasurer. The SSA’s who have not submitted their contribution for the year 2008-09 would be required to submit their contribution at the CEC.


    1. Nominated DS and Circle officer bearers shall address the gathering about his views regarding the functioning of SNATTA and would suggest new ideas to strengthen the association at the Circle as well as at the National level. The views on the ongoing Wage Negotiation and Change of Designation Committee, and several other issues viz, participation in Strike, reduction in qualifying service condition in the JTO LDCE etc.


    1. Issues and suggestions in the interest of BSNL, Gujarat and specific to TTA cadre to be submitted to the CGM, Gujarat should be submitted on the letter pad of respective D.S.


    1. Nomination and Election of Circle office bearers.


    1. Any other agenda with the permission of chair.


All the members are requested to fill up the attendance register available with Shri V.K. Patel and pay the delegate fees of Rs.100/- only.


SandipSolanki                                           Bhavin Chudasama

Central Coordinator                                  Circle Secretary

SNATTA,Gujarat                                       SNATTA, Gujarat

9429244440                                              9426027711

Dt  03.09.2009 Gujarat Circle Conference of SNATTA to be held on 06.09.2009. Shri S.K. Bhandari, PGM, Ahmedabad and Shri A.K. Tripathi, GM(O&A) have confirmed their participation for the Open House session. Click here for details

Dt 03.09.2009 Recruitment rules of Management Trainee revised. B.E. Electrical are also made eligible.  Non Executives have been barred from MT Exam. SNATTA CHQ has strongly protested against the arbitrary decision of the management.  Click here

Good News

Dear friends
I have received a message by VAN Namboodiri according to which Management has approved 7 years qualifying service for JTO exam.
At the time of JTO examination we will made all efforts to get 2 more years relaxation in the service condition so that effectively it may reduce to 5 years.
Dhiraj Chaudhary

 Click here for the details.

click here to download file ITR I in Excel formula

click here to download file ITR 2 In Excell Formate with formula

Dt 17.08.2009 Support and participate fully in the 48 Hours Strike called by United Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations on 19th and 20th August, 2009. Click Here


Dt 13.08.2009 Wage committee meeting was held in the presence of new Chairman Shri S.R. Kapoor, ED (Fin), BSNL. The justification for the demands of Staff Side was given by Comrade VAN Namboodiri at length. Management side did not come up with any proposal and the meeting was completed without any further headway. Shri Hakam Singh member Wage Committee attended the meeting from SNATTA.


Dt 11.08.2009 BSNL Management agreed to reduce the qualifying service condition for JTO LDCE from 10 years as per the guidelines of DoP&T.  Comrade VAN Namboodiri, Secretary National Council has submitted the DoP&T guidelines/orders to the Management as per the minutes in 21st National Council. Click here for the letter.


Dt 10.08.2009 Dear Friends, Our Founder G.S. Shri Dhiraj Chaudahry, All India Vice President Shri Manish Samadhiya, All India General Secretary Shri Dharmendra Verma, All India Treasurer Shri Sachin Bhatt, Circle Treasurer, Gujarat Shri Shivnath Mishra along with Comrade VAN Namboodiri met Hon. CMD, BSNL and Hon Dir (HR) to discuss the issue of our Service Condition under JTO LDCE. Hon. CMD and Hon Dir (HR) BSNL assured us that the matter to reduce the service condition would immediately start and the note as per the Orders of DoP & T would soon be put up again in the Management Committee for approval. Hon CMD and Dir (HR) were of the very positive view about the Direct Recruit TTAs and praised their contribution towards the BSNL. CMD is of the view that the service condition should eventually be reduced to 5 years to make more number of the TTAs eligible.

Thereafter our Founder GS, Vice President and GS SNATTA met GM (Estt) Shri D.P. De and GM (SR) Shri Shakeel Ahmed and discussed the same issue and apprised them of the assurance given by Hon CMD and Hon Dir(HR). They also assured us to vigorously pursue the issue of service condition and get it passed in the Management Committee at the earliest. On after serious assurances given by Hon CMD and Hon. Dir (HR), SNATTA CHQ has decided to cancel the Mass C/L notice given on 18th August, 2009.


Dt 09.08.2009 Dear Friends, Over 100 SNATTA members from all the nook and corner of the country came and vociferously raised the injustice meted out to the genuine demands of TTAs. All the members clearly apprised Comrade VAN Namboodiri that any further delay in the solving the issue of reduction in Service Condition would not be tolerated by us. After much discussion on the issue Comrade VAN Namboodiri agreed to arrange the meetings with the Hon CMD BSNL and Hon Dir (HR).

The following office bearers of SNATTA were present with their members.

1. Shri Dhiraj Chaudhary, Founder GS. 2. Shri Manish Samadhiya, V.P. 3. Shri Dharmendra Verma, G.S. 4. Shri Sachin Bhatt, Treasurer. 5. Shri Tejinder Singh, C.C. Punjab. 6. Shri Hakam Singh, C.S. Punjab (with around 20 Members) 7. Shri Pawan Meena. C.C. Rajasthan. (with around 10 Members) 8. Shri Sarwesh Chauhan, C.C. UP (W). (with around 10 Members) 9. Shri Lalit Vasishth, C.C. Haryana (with around 50 Members)  10. Shri Surjit Rai , Treasurer, Punjab. 11. Shri Shivnath Mishra, Treasurer, Gujarat. 12. Shri Ashwin Patidar, M.P.


Dt 04.08.2009 "Dear Friends, as the New All India General Secretary, SNATTA, I congratulate our Founder General Secretary, Shri Dhiraj Chaudhary for giving his valuable time and taking SNATTA to the level at present. During his stint as General Secretary and under his able guidance  we have been successful in saving our Internal Quota of JTO LDCE. I would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate Shri. Sachin Bhatt for being elected as All India Treasurer."


Dt 04.08.2009 Friends , SNATTA's alliance with the BSNLEU is from the last two verifications. SNATTA played a major role in the outcome of the results of the IVth verification. Our two main agreement with BSNLEU is 1) Reduction in the service condition to 5 years under 35% quota for JTO LDCE within a year of the agreement. 2) Conduct the JTO LDCE within a year of the agreement. Though the agreement was reached in the last verification the issue has been on the common agenda of SNATTA and BSNLEU for the last three years. I appreciate the concerns of the members of SNATTA as the issue has been lingered for too long for our comfort. SNATTA CHQ feels that any further delay in clinching the agreement with the BSNL Management in this issue would have no meaning for our members. We strongly desire from Dear Comrade VAN Namboodiri and Dear Comrade P. Abhimanyu to impress upon the BSNL Management in the forthcoming meeting of Standing Committee of National Council and put an end to the distressing situation of the TTA cadre.".............Dharmendra Verma, General Secretary.


Dt 04.08.2009  Message from General Secretary and Treasurer-

"Dear friends, We have been working with you for the years with a bond of friendship. But due to some administrative reasons (after joining as JTO), we hereby resign from the post of General Secretary and Treasurer. Henceforth as per the resolution passed in the last all India conference, the authority of General Secretary and Treasurer is hereby delegated to Sh. Dharmendra Verma and Sh. Sachin Bhatt respectively. However we will continue to work with our friends. The account detail is available with Sh. Sachin Bhatt (Treasurer) which may be obtained at any point of time. So far no amount has been debited from SNATTA A/C in the accounting year 2009. We hope the new GS and Treasurer will raise SNATTA at new heights."


Dt 04.08.2009  Details of the Nagaur District Body meeting. Click Here


Dt 03.08.2009 Hundreds of representation have already been sent to Hon. DIR (HR) from each and every nook of the Country. SNATTA CHQ Congratulates all the members of the SNATTA for the participation. Further details regarding the future course of action of SNATTA will be uploaded soon.


Dt 30.07.2009  SNATTA demands from Comrade VAN Namboodiri to out rightly reject the fake and distorted minutes of the 21st NCM issued by the GM (SR). Click here for the Letter       NCM Minutes         BSNLEU Protest


Dt 28.07.2009  United Forum of BSNL Unions serves notice for 48 Hours Strike for Unfulfilled Demands raised in the NCM and on other Platforms. Click Here


Dt 24.07.2009 Welcome party was given by SSA-BATHINDA to all new TTA's of batch 2008 & was organised at CIVIL-LINES CLUB, BATHINDA. The WELCOME PARTY was presided over by president-SNATTA (bathinda) Mr. KARMJEET SINGH & CIRCLE COUNCIL MEMBERS including Mr. HAKAM SINGH (CS-SNATTA), Mr. GURBINDER SINGH (ACS-SNATTA) & Mr. AJAY KUMAR (DS-SNATTA-FEROZEPUR). Almost 45 members were present there to grace the occasion. Click Here



Dt 22.07.2009 Presentation on 3G VAS and BSNL Live WAP Portal. Click Here


Dt 22.07.2009 SSA Conference, Malappuram, Kerala: -

A grand get together cum conference was held at Wood bine restaurant, Manjeri on 19.07.2009. Even though the heavy rain blocked many roads, the active participation and enthusiasm shown by the new TTAs was very encouraging. The Circle body congratulates the new TTAs like Prasanth.T.R, Abdul Hakeem & Sunil.T etc. for their brilliant coordination and arrangements. Circle Secretary Rajesh Sekhar, Coordinator Abhilash.V and senior leader Aneesh James addressed the meeting. The conference elected Mr.Vinod V.T as President and Mr.Naveen R.R as Secretary. Click here for Details


Dt 21.07.2009 myhr.bsnl.co.in is now open for all the Employees of BSNL. Log onto www.myhr.bsnl.co.in using your HRMS no. and Date of Birth as password. Click here


Dt 19.07.2009 BSNL Tariff Booklet updated up to June-2009. Click Here


Dt 06.07.2009 An insight to the Diversion game. Click Here


Dt 06.07.2009 Dear Friends it has appeared that some of the Unions are circulating some sort of agreement form to be sent to CMD for the acceptance of 2nd Pay Revision on the lines of minimum fitment given to the Executives. It is instructed to all our members to remain vigil and not to sign any such document to support the negative propaganda. It is gross injustice to deny the non executive the higher fitment formula on the existing pay scale. The 30% fitment on existing pay scale would mean the difference between the Basic of TTA/SRTOA and JTO/JAO would become double. We should wholeheartedly support the United Forum of BSNL unions in the wage revision. If the periodicity of 5 years can be achieved then why can't the better fitment for Non Executives? Least we can fight.


Dt 06.07.2009  Full contributions towards SNATTA CHQ fund have been deposited by 1. Gujarat Circle, Circle Treasurer, Shri Shivnath Mishra. 2.Rajasthan Circle, Central Co Ordinator, Shri Pawan Meena. 3. Maharashtra Circle, Shri. Shailesh Dande, Central Co Ordinator. 4. M.P. Circle, Circle Treasurer, Shri Sheeraz Quereshi.


Part payment has been made by Shri Vikas Kumar Gupta, Circle President, Jharkhand Circle. The Special effort of Shri Pinak Das is highly appreciable and CHQ congratulates him on his contribution towards the just cause of SNATTA.


Dt 06.07.2009 EPF Interest rate for the Financial year 2009-10 kept unchanged at 8.5%.

Dt   29.06.2009 A Special Leave Petition has been filed by BSNL Officers Association against our Court Case filed in the Hon. High Court of Chandigarh & Haryana. Friends, it is very essential for us to defeat this SLP in Supreme Court as this would be the last frontier to be won to remove the entire barrier in our career path. Conducting of JTO LDCE exam also very much depends up on the outcome of this SLP. The truth is on our side and God willing we will surely be able to remove this hurdle in the apex court as sooner as possible. The affidavit against the SLP will be submitted at the earliest. All the DRTTA’S of 2002/2007/2008 batch are asked to rise to the situation and make our association too strong to be defeated.


All the Circle Secretaries are asked to deposit Rs.10000/- (Ten Thousand Only) at least as the contribution towards SNATTA fund (CHQ A/c no 204010100060738 in AXIS BANK LTD, Rohtak, Haryana in the name of Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistants) for Annual Membership fee+ Court case Contribution within week without fail.


Dt   27.06.2009 Gist of the 21st National Council Meeting held on 23rd June 2009. Click Here


Dt   27.06.2009  In the informal meeting held with Shri Neeraj Verma, GM(Trg) Corporate Office, the training of TTAs in the Apex institutes such as ALTTC, Ghaziabad & NATFM, Hyderabad and inclusion of TTA in the BSNL Employees Distance Learning Scheme were discussed. He agreed to look into the demands of TTA Cadre once the Service Condition is reduced to 5 or 7 years in LDCE for JTO


Dt   20.06.2009 Minutes of the Wage Committee meeting held on 05.06.2009. Click here


Dt   20.06.2009  National Council meeting is rescheduled at 1430Hrs on 23.06.2009. Shri Dhiraj Chaudhary, G.S. SNATTA & Shri Dharmendra Verma, Dy G.S. SNATTA will be attending the NCM meeting.


Dt   20.06.2009 The of Change of Designation Committee on 09.06.2009 was unable to reach to any conclusion. The management proposed some very weird designations for TTA and Sr.TOA cadre. Shri Hakam Singh SNATTA representative  strongly opposed the move by the management. Com. VAN Namboodiri, G.S. BSNLEU has been apprised that the JET is the only acceptable designation to TTA cadre. The next date for Change of Designation committee meeting has not been finalized.

Dt   15.06.2009 Transfer of EPF account from one place to another. Click here

Dt  15.06.2009 SNATTA representatives of Rajasthan Circle made the representation of our main demands to Hon. Minister of State for Telecommunications and IT, Shri Sachin Pilot. Click Here for the Letter given by Circle Secretary, Rajasthan, Shri Deshraj Gurjar


Dt 15.06.2009 Application for Inter Circle One Way or Mutual transfer under Rule-8. Click Here


Dt 14.06.2009 The next and probably last meeting on Change of Designation is scheduled for 16th June 2009. The management is expected to finalise the new designations for the Non Executive Cadres. The National Council Meeting will be held on 23rd June 2009 in the Conference Hall of Bharat Sanchar Bhavan at 1100 Hrs.


Dt 14.06.2009 An Appeal to all the Employees of BSNL by Joint Forum of BSNL Unions. Click Here

Dt 09.06.2009 Loan through Canara Bank for BSNL Employees. Cover Letter Agreement

Dt 05.06.2009 1. Today in Wage Committee meeting Shri. Hakam Singh raised the issue of Pension Scheme for direct recruittees in BSNL. The clarifications given by Shri Hakam Singh was very well taken by the Chairman, Wage Committee and he has assured to look into the details of the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS) under EPF in BSNL and within a week or fortnight BSNL Management will prepare a report regarding the Pension Scheme options in EPF and the same would be submitted before the Wage Committee. Friends the pension schem under EPF is a very contentious issue and we are hopeful that the Management will prevail over EPF and would ask for the fresh options from employees available under EPS.

2. It is also very reliably learnt that BSNL Management has sent the proposal for 5 year periodicity along with 30% fitment at par with executives to the DOT for approval.

3. The demand of staff side to give 5% annual increment to the Non Executives in the New Scale have also been considered by the Wage Committee.

4. Staff side also demanded that 2 additional increments be given in the New Scale on Time Bound Promotions.


Dt 05.06.2009 Central Coordinators or Circle Secretaries are advised to call Shri Hakam Singh, Wage Committee and Change of Designation Committee member for any details on Mobile No. 09990456343 when ever Shri Hakam Singh is in Corporate Office , New Delhi for CHQ work. No individual member should make a call to any CHQ member as it is practically impossible to answer individual calls. Do have forbearance.

Dt 03.06.2009  Comrade VAN Namboodiri writes to Dir (HR) BSNL to implement the recommendations of VIth CPC regarding Maternity leave and implementation of Child care leave for women in BSNL. The same was represented by SNATTA CHQ to Comrade VAN Namboodiri through email on 07.05.2009 and was also raised by Shri Hakam Singh in the National Steering Committee on 02.06.2009. We wish the orders would be implemented soon which will give lot of respite to our young female colleagues to take leave for 2 years at a stretch to care her child. Click here

Dt 02.06.2009 The next Wage Revision Committee meeting is Scheduled for 05-Jun-2009 and the National Council meeting will be held on 23-Jun-2009.


Dt 01.06.2009 Relaxtion in Qualifying marks for the TTA-2008 exam. Click Here


Dt 01.06.2009  The meeting of the Change of Designation Committee was held today. The proposal to change the designation of TTA to Junior Engineer Telecom was submitted by Shri Hakam Singh. The proposal was very well defended by Comrade VAN Namboodiri and Comrade P. Abhimanyu in the meeting. There are round about 129 Cadres in BSNL and to change the designation of all of them would require a task. The meeting continues on 8th June 2009. SNATTA CHQ is firm on its commitment to change the Designation of TTA to a very respectable and a familiar one.

Dt 27.05.2009 Agenda for 21st National Council Meeting has been submitted to BSNL management by Comrade VAN Namboodiri. Our main demand for reduction in qualifying service to appear in LDCE for JTO has been included. 50% departmental quota for Executive HR & Executive (Sales & Marketing) and refund of retrospective recovery made for EPF have also been included. Click here


Dt 27.05.2009  Change of Designation committee for Non Executives formed. Shri Hakam Singh, Circle Secretary, Punjab has been nominated from SNATTA. Suggestions regarding change of designation of TTA to Junior Engineer Telecom (JET) with full justification may be send to circlesecretarypunjab@gmail.com.

Dt 26.05.2009 Online entry of Rule-8 inter circle transfer cases. Click Here


Dt 20.05.2009  Orders for interest free salary advance and HRA at par with executives issued. Click here


Dt. 18.05.2009

CONGRATULATIONS... UNITY AND RESOLUTE OF THE UNITED FORUM TRIUMPHED OVER BSNL MANAGEMENT. Strike has been deferred for the following agreement reached between BSNL Management and the United Forum of BSNL Unions.

1.  5 year wage agreement proposal sent to DOT for approval.

2. Additional 2*basic as interest free salary advance.

3. HRA as per the the recommendations of 2 PRC for Executives.

Dt 15.05.2009 Strike on 19th and 20th may 2009 - Support and Solidarity extended by SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA  click here


Dt 13.05.2009 Notice for Strike  Reply to Management by United Forum click here


Dt 10.05.2009 Circle Secretaries have to compile all the Rule-8 cases of their Circles and mail the completed list of the applicants to SNATTA CHQ email-id on or before 18.05.2009. Please do not make individual representation to the CHQ. Very shortly we will be taking the cases for Rule-8 transfer with the Corporate Office, New Delhi. Download the proforma.

Dt 10.05.2009 BSNL management deicides to implement ERP by Dec-2009. Click here for report

Dt 08.05.2009 JTO RR 2001 amended to include IT as one of the educational qualification. Click here for the order


Dt 07.05.2009 Beware Click Here


Dt 06.05.2009 Extension of benefits to the Internal officials selected in the DR-JTO quota. Click Here for order


Dt 06.05.2009 SNATTA CHQ appreciates the support given by almost every member on the issue of rejecting the meager adjustable Salary advance given by BSNL management. CHQ after much deliberations and discussions with Circle Secretaries/ Coordinators have decided to Accept the interest free Salary advance in the interest of overall unity among the United Forum Members. Struggle for better Wage agreement continues and CHQ expresses its strong desire to vigorously prepare for the complete strike on 19th and 20th May 2009.

Dt 05-05-2009  Congratulations...National Council approved by BSNL Management. Shri Dhiraj Chaudhary, General Secretary and Shri Dharmendra Kumar Verma, Dy. General Secretary has got seats as promised by Com. VAN Namboodiri. Click here for the List


Dt 04-05-2009  SNATTA CHQ congratulates its members for actively participating in the One hour walk out agitation and making it a grand success. CHQ have received a few proposals from its Circle Secretaries whether to accept or reject the offer for Interest free Salary advance. CHQ respects the suggestions made by them and the decision of CHQ will be apprised soon.

Dt 02-05-2009 20:02 One Hour Walk out from duty/office on 04.05.2009.

We have been working tirelessly and diligently for BSNL and in the end we have been thrown a piece of cake and the chunk of it has been gulped by someone much unknown to us. It is very heartrending to see that our hard work and dedication towards BSNL has no meaning in the eyes of BSNL management. SNATTA CHQ urge upon each and every member to actively participate in the one hour walkout from duty/office on 4th May 2009.

United Forum of BSNL Unions has given call to BSNL employees to walk out from duty/office, for one hour from 1100 hrs to 1200hrs on Monday the 4th May 2009. Mobilize each and every member to give a fitting reply to the BSNL Management's high handedness.

Note:- Further action on this issue will be communicated later

Dt 30.04.2009 BSNL Management has once again overlooked the interests of Non Executives and unilaterally issued the orders on IR as Salary Advance equal to 4x basic pay as on 01.01.2009 . Click here for order. The meager Salary advance given shows the apathy of BSNL management towards the Non Executive employees. See for your self what BSNL wants to give to the Non Executives. It is very clear to every Non Executive that a JTO have got at the least Rs.100,000. Management is trying to fool them by citing the 40% (Rs.40000) arrears as the minimum increase given to the 9850 scale in the letter written by Dir HRD to Com. VAN Namboodiri. Letter of Dir HRD

30.04.09 BSNL has issued order for IDA increase of 0.5%, from 46.8% to 47.3% w.e.f. 01.04.2009. BSNL Lr.no.14-1/2007-PAT(BSNL) dated 29.04.2009.

Dt 29.04.2009 Dear Colleagues

BSNL Management Committee's arbitrary and vengeful decision to disapprove the agreement reached in NCM for reduction in qualifying service condition for JTO LDCE has been strongly protested by SNATTA CHQ. CHQ representatives have been constantly pursuing the case with the BSNLEU CHQ. A very strong resent was registered with Com. VAN Namboodiri and Com P. Abhimanyu. SNATTA CHQ has made written representation to the Hon. CMD and Dir HRD on this issue and sited the rulings of DoP&T regarding the reduction in the service conditions. We have been assured by Com. VAN Namboodiri and Com P. Abhimanyu of very early settlement of the issue. They have promised to strongly debate this issue in the NCM and would now demand to reduce the service condition to 5 years.

SNATTA CHQ has been pondering on this issue and is preparing a very strong strategy for agitation and protest. If needed, we will demonstrate our unity and strength to all the Unions and to BSNL Management also. All the District Secretaries are asked to contact their Central Coordinator or Circle Secretaries for future course of action.

 SNATTA CHQ is collectively keeping the tab on the developments and it is made very clear to our colleagues that we will leave no stone unturned to achieve our rightful place.

Be united and ready to fight for your right.

Note: Central Coordinators and Circle Secretaries check your SNATTA mail-id for future course of action.


Dt 29.04.2009 BSNL Management's adamant attitude towards the Non-executive employees in BSNL has resulted in stalemate in the Wage Negotiation. Being the better qualified and larger reach among the every level of employees it is bind duty of every SNATTA member to explain each and every non executive employee about the negative attitude of the BSNL management and genuineness of our demands. Download the reply of Com. VAN Namboodiri to Dir. HRD for ready reference. Hindi English

Message from Hakamsingh CS SNATTA Punjab
                              With 30% FITMENT FORMULA WE will get the following--
     Scale = 7100-200-10100
     Basic pay after 5 INCREMENT SAY = 8100
     DP   = 4050
     TOTAL PAY = 14434
NOW THE PAY OF JTO WITH SCALE 9850-250-14600 -  --
     Scale = 9850-250-14600
     Basic pay after 5 INCREMENT SAY = 11100
     DP   = 5550
     TOTAL PAY = 19780

[23.04.09]United Forum rejects the paltry Interim Relief and fitment offered by management - Letter from Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) to Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU and Reply from Com. Namboodiri to Shri Gopal Das  <<Reply of GS>>  <<Ltr. of Director (HRD)>>

[23.04.09]A letter to PGM (IR) - Walk-out from wage negotiation committee due to unreasonable attitude of the management <<click here>>

[23.04.09]Defeat the game of the management to deceive non-executives in wage revision <<click here>>

[23.04.09]Notice for strike and other programme of action for settlement of Wage Revision <<click here>>

[22.04.09]United Forum of BSNL Unions

Wage Negotiating Committee meeting held today (22.04.2009) and the talks failed. BSNL Management refused to meet the Minimum Demands on Interim Relief and Fitment Formula. In protest, the Staff Side Staged Walkout from the meeting declaring Trade Union Action. The following programme of Trade Union Action are decided by the United Forum.

Programme of Action

                         24.04.2009                                One Day Fast While on Duty

                        19.05.2009 & 20.05.2009           Two Days' Strike                     

If no improvement is seen, it is decided to declare Indefinite Strike during the First Week of June 2009.

Mobilise - Campaign - Implement

Sd/- V.A.N. Namboodiri (GS, BSNLEU), Sd/- V. Subburaman (GS, TEPU), Sd/- Suresh Kumar (GS, BSNLMS), Sd/- Hari Singh (GS, BTU BSNL), Sd/- B.R. Jakhatia (GS, SEWA BSNL), Sd/- A.D. Patil (GS, AIBCTES), Sd/- Dhiraj Chaudhari (GS, SNATTA)

  <<signed copy>>

Dt 16.04.2009
Visit latest circulars page for the Loan agreement copy with Union bank of India clik here

Dt 15.04.2009


In the Wage Committee meeting held today Management Came prepared with the formula for less than 30% fitment for 5 years Wage agreement. The Union side categorically rejected the proposal & again reiterated its firm stand on 5years wage periodicity with fitment formula at par with top executives. On IR management proposed 3 times the current basic to which the Union side demanded that IR should be substantial amount. Management didn't seem to be at all serious on the proposals of the Union side. The callous attitude of the Management was strongly rebuked by the Union Side and the Management was clearly apprised that the Unions will resort to all the available Trade Union actions to achieve the just rights of the Non-executives. SNATTA members are asked to prepare for the sustained  struggle under the BSNLEU alliance to achieve the best wage agreement for the Non-executives.

SNATTA GUJARAT CIRCLE pays respectful homage to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar


  Dt 12.04.2009
 Sh. Vikas Kumar Gupta C.P. Jharkhand has resigned from the wage committee with immediate effect due to very compelling domestic situations. CHQ has accepted his resignation and thanks him on the behalf of SNATTA for devoting his valuable time for the Wage Committee. CHQ after much deliberations have now nominated SH. Hakam Singh Circle Secretary, Punjab as the Wage Committee member from SNATTA. We wish all the best to him.

Dt 01.04.2009GS SNATTA along with other Unions met BCG in respect of organizational restructuring and submitted all of the TTA related grievances. It was also pointed out that management must use motivational techniques in order to motivate the employees. They must differentiate between the employees those who are working and those who are sitting idle in BSNL. SNATTA emphasized the need to improve the quality of services of BSNL and suggested major changes in BSNL's organizational restructuring.

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